Zhang Ruyi’s artistic practice embeds itself in nothing less than the logic of life. It is centred on the undisclosed relationship between ego consciousness, physical space, and mundane experience. By withholding certain “slices” of time and information of the material employed, the artist is able to capture, replicate, compress, condense or fabricate the materialisation of emotions. She is dedicated to the exploration of both positive and negative frictions between individuals and reality, nature and industrial landscape. Its position is that of a discursive apparatus, transforming the tactile into the visual. Taking the relational language of order aesthetics, she suggests the reconstruction of a specific space to be “read,” “questioned,” and “memorised.” She employs objects to question objects and spaces to question spaces, thus resisting the order. 

1985 Born in Shanghai, China. Lives and works in Shanghai, China

2012 MFA, Fine Art College of Shanghai University, Shanghai, China

2007 BA, Fine Art College of Shanghai University, Shanghai, China

E-mail: z_r_y2000@163.com

Solo Exhibitions


"Bonsai," François Ghebaly Gallery, Los Angeles, California, United States


"Profile," Art Basel HK(Discoveries), Hong Kong, China


"Decoration: Dump," Telescope Artist Studio, Beijing, China

"Decoration: Commodity," MOCA Pavilion, Shanghai, China


"Building Opposite Building," Don Gallery, Shanghai, China

"Pause," WHITE SPACE BEIJING, Beijing, China


"Gap," Bazaar Compatible Program, Shanghai, China

"Cut | Off," Don Gallery, Shanghai, China

"A Line," J: Gallery, Shanghai, China


"Filtrate," WHITE SPACE BEIJING, Beijing, China


"Things that I don’t understand," Muskmelon Man Commune, Shanghai, China

Group Exhibitions (Selected)


"TIME IS THE NOW," Art Wuzhen, Zhejiang, China

"Glow Like That," K11 Art Foundation, Hong Kong, China


"Steadfastly Lower the Standards in Nonproductive Construction," Don Gallery, Shanghai,China

"A World in a Grain of Sand: Mapping Shapes and Sites for Social Geometries," Fosun Foundation(Shanghai), Sanya, China

"Witness," Pilar Corrias Gallery, London, United Kingdom

"EmeraldCity," K11 Art Foundation, Hong Kong, China

"Walking On the Fade Out Lines," Rockbound Art Museum, Shanghai, China


"Zhong Guo 2185," Sadie Coles HQ, London, United Kingdom

"The New Normal: Art and China in 2017," UCCA, Beijing, China


"La Chair," A+ Contemporary, Shanghai, China

"A BeautifulDisorder," Cass Sculpture Foundation, Good Wood, UK

"Mountain Sites: Views of Laoshan," Sifang Art Museum, Nanjing, China

"WE: A Community of Chinese Contemporary Artists," chi K11 art museum, Shanghai, China


"No Figurative," Minsheng Art Museum, Shanghai, China

"Nocturnal Friendship," Lehmann Maupin, Hong Kong, China


"Memo II,"WHITE SPACE BEIJING, Beijing, China 

"Manual Machines," Art Seasons Gallery, Beijing, China


"Script," J: Gallery, Shanghai, China

"Abuse,"Don Gallery, Shanghai, China

"Magnetic Fields," V ART Center Space 2, Shanghai, China

"Revel," MoCA, Shanghai, China

"Memo I," WHITESPACE BEIJING, Beijing, China



Nominated the Frieze Artist Award London 2018


Received YISHU8 Creative Young Artist Award


Received Creative M50 Young Artist Award

Received Luo Zhongli Scholarship Award


Received the Coroma Foundation Contemporary Art Scholarship Award